About Me

     Owner and Founder Reuben F Stence started his lifelong passion approximately 33 years ago as a young sportsman afield trapping, hunting, and fishing. Combining his love to paint and draw, he merged the two into wildlife art in the form of taxidermy.

     Stence also pursued an eleven year patrolman tour of duty as a law enforcement officer. He continued honing his taxidermy skills on his days off from law enforcement by entering into taxidermy competition.

     His first taste to the competition world was his first competition at the 1999 World Taxidermy Competition in Springfield, Illinois. Reuben won first place and a best in world – novice division with a whitetail deer pedestal mount. He eventually left law enforcement and sought a taxidermy career with Cabela’s Original Creations Taxidermy in Medford, Minnesota and then later, a position with Dewey Wildlife Studios in Cody, Wyoming. He continued to hone his skills and bring forth his knowledge and abilities.

     Reuben went on to win several other competitions throughout his taxidermy career and eventually working his way a first place in masters division in Wyoming and Montana. He was also awarded the Jackson Hole, Wyoming Safari Club International awards at both competitions with a life-size zebra.

     Stence gives all his credit to God by being blessed with his abilities, talents, and protection during his years as an officer. “I would not be where I am today without God’s love and grace”.